Way Basics named Inc. Magazine Regional Semifinalist

October 28, 2009

Way Basics has been named a regional semifinalist in the Inc. Magazine and Alibaba.com Newpreneur of the year contest!

Each year, Inc. Magazineseeks out the brightest and most promising companies across America to give their “elevator pitch” to a panel of some of the brightest business minds in the country in order to see who will be crowned the next Newpreneur (new entrepreneur) of the year!

So where is Way Basics in this competition? Out of over a thousand entries, Way Basics is among 13 companies remaining from the New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami areas.

This round is where things start to heat up, because the finalists will be decided by you! Visit Inc.com and vote for Way Basics to get through to the final round. We think we have a pretty good shot, and would love to tell the world about Way Basics and the possibilities available with zBoards. Just think about a future where recycled material can replace old, wasteful, outdated, and plain ugly material. Couches, tables, chairs, pallets, sheet rock, and literally any furniture piece can integrate the zBoard into its design. The future is here and now!!

Below, are some pictures of the event followed by Way Basics’ essay for the Newpreneur of the year competition. Show some love and vote for Way Basics!

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Way Basics Newpreneur of the year essay: Way Basics has found a way to reuse the most basic of resources (paper) and turn it into useful, everyday furniture. Way Basics is more than just a furniture company. We offer creative possibility on a human scale to our customers and our community through our sustainable products and our charitable giving. Our recycled and recyclable modern furnishings are focused on human ability, and meet people's needs for ease, value, creativity and self-sufficiency. We use an ancient, everyday material--paper-- to help our customers make something new, useful, and original. Through our charitable giving, we're also helping make the world a better place. Way Basics is a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, where we work with furniture banks around the country that provide household furnishings to those in need. Our ultimate goal is to make it easy and fun to build sustainable furniture that fits real life and to improve the planet while we're at it. Way Basics' building possibilities... With the fundamental belief in taking things back to the basics, Way Basics provides the basic elements to build a more sustainable lifestyle for the entire community. Many Americans are choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and this is even more obtainable with the possibilities Way Basics has to offer. Way Basics is also challenging conventional thinking by streamlining their business from top to bottom, beginning with the assembly process. We've simplified our assembly process to the point that children can even assemble it. Our furniture requires no tools or hardware to assemble. Well-placed strips of 3M brand industrial strength tape adheres the furniture together making the process literally as easy as peel, stick, done. 62% lighter than particle board, but just as strong, this revolutionary concept is the future of the furniture industry. The economic downturn was never a deterrent to starting a new company. We were able to recruit the best talent and give ourselves time to ramp up business operation. Customer service is our number one priority and ensuring streamlined processes are critical. In these times, we also encourage our team to think creatively. How can we maximize exposure with a minimal budget. We've taken advantage of social media, press, business networks, and events to spread our story and our brand. Alibaba's grand prize would help us tremendously as we spin off a new company called zBoard. We will be marketing our revolutionary material for others to build possibilities into their company. The zBoard can be used in furniture, tradeshow displays, packaging, and many other uses where traditional wood engineered boards are currently being used. The possibilities are endless and we look forward to educating and changing our lives and communities. Vote Here

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