Welcome to Way Basics!

June 01, 2008

Until now cardboard furniture, paper furniture, and any variation of them have been too flimsy, too expensive, or too unpractical. Way Basics brings you the essential storage, organization, and furnishing basics infused with eco-modern design. Our goals is to simplify, make things easier, and do things the right way, which means being a friend to our environment. Our products are made from recycled paper and completely recyclable at end of life. At the core is the ingenous zBoard, a rigid board that's 99% post consumer waste, 62% lighter than particle board, but just as strong, and is water resistant. Assembly is simple as 1, 2, 3. You just peel the protective adhesive strip, stick the zBoards together, and you're done! Curious? take a look at our homepage www.waybasics.com