zBoard: What's the difference?

March 31, 2011


We often get asked what differentiates the zBoard from the particle board, MDF, plywood, and solid wood? Is it cardboard? Is it made from wood?

zBoards, are created through a patented, proprietary process that's revolutionized paperboard manufacturing. Developing this process took more than 10 years, and it combines techniques of plywood craftsmanship, paperboard composition, and furniture manufacturing. It leads to extremely sturdy yet lightweight boards that hold up to plenty of use. Because we use recycled paper, no no trees were chopped down to producing zBoards. Since recycled paper is used, the process also uses a lot less water than what is used to make virgin paper. Our purpose is to eliminate as much environmental impact as possible and offer a sustainable product. When you're done with your Way Basics furniture (after its long lifetime), you can recycle it again by simply putting it in your recycling bin.

Is it strong, will it hold? Yes! zBoards are just as strong as other wood engineered boards like particle board or MDF. Watch this video to see zBoards in action.

zBoards are made on the beautiful island of Taiwan. Taiwan inherited advanced Japanese paper engineering and manufacturing processes enabling 74% of total paper production to come from recycled paper. Taiwan is also very eco conscious recycling 60% of paper used, compared to 50% here in the United States.

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