501 Uses for a Cardboard Box (abridged)

July 25, 2013

We love our friends over at Movearoo and we got a real kick out of their latest post about 501 different unique ways to re-use a cardboard box. Here are our 10 favorites!


1) Create a cardboard lap desk for the car with a box, tape, some glue, and scissors. (Great for kids!)

2) Cut out alphabet shapes for spelling words around the house.

3) Create a fun Chinese parade dragon with a box, some paper, and other miscellaneous decorations.

4) Cut small squares from a box (decorate them if you’d like) to create cardboard drink coasters.

5) Use a large box (or multiple boxes cut open and taped together) to create a cardboard igloo for the backyard, for kids to sleep and play in.

6) Create a puppet theater complete with a stage and paper bags for puppets.

7) Small boxes can be filled with dry beans and taped closed, then decorated to make maracas

8) Decorate a single box to create a stuffed animal house for kids.

9) Even use a box or two as your own recycling bin for managing recyclables.

10) Use a propped-up box as a simple painting easel.

Check out the rest of the article here. What other uses do you like?

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