Meet S.W. Basics!

August 01, 2013

We were first introduced to Adina, the amazing woman behind the organic, small batch skin care company, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn on Instagram. They gave us a bit of virtual love and we are so glad they did! Adina started making skin products for herself because she didn't want to "cross [her] fingers and hope that the stuff [she] put on [her] body is safe because it smells like wildflowers or claims to reverse aging." She wanted to create skin care products that actually are safe for your skin. She realized that people "want[ed] great skin, but [didn't] want to hurt yourself or the planet to get it." We found that we completely aligned with the message of S.W. Basics which is why we had to interview her and introduce her to you all! Ps. Contest to win some of their amazing products below!

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Question: When did you first become interested in skin care? 

Adina: I have had extremely sensitive skin my whole life. Beyond sensitive. I can't use anything, even the things claiming to be all-natural. Even the things that ARE all-natural! I had to find a solution (as I was losing my mind). I did lots of research and realized that simple, whole ingredients were best for me. And that they happened to also be mostly in my kitchen cabinet.


Q: Have you always been a Brooklyn gal?

A: No way! I'm from South Florida originally. Not that I'm super proud of that, especially these days. But the beaches!! Then I struggled in Manhattan for years before realizing Brooklyn was like a secret perfect place right next to an even more perfect Manhattan. I've been so happy here, it's more my speed. People who hate on Brooklyn are really hating on how awesome our lives seem. They're not wrong.

Q: What is your favorite S.W. Basics product and why?

A: The cream for sure. It's the entire reason I started the company. There is zero reason to moisturize your skin with five thousand different products and ingredients. Shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil are all great on their own, and they're even better together. The simpler the better. It's incredibly healing and soothing and rich.

Q: What inspires you in nature?

A: Everything! I mean it's just so ridiculous how much we've created synthetically with no need to. And I'm not even that big of a hippie. I understand we need medicine and durable materials and whatever. But we definitely don't need all these chemicals. Not in our homes, not in our bodies, and not on our bodies!

Q: Where did you learn about how to make these products?

A: It was a long, painful process. Lots and lots of bad batches. Lots and lots of research. Our cream took me two years to perfect.

Q: Favorite ice-cream flavor? (just because!)

A: Well I have a very public obsession with Steve's Ice Cream. Their salty caramel should be made illegal. Z0OPKHOcyc/

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