A Unique Review by an Aerospace Engineer

May 08, 2020

We're so excited to be sharing this unique review by an incredible customer an Aerospace Engineer that understood our products and material so much that he's helping tell our story in his own words. You can read the review here and below.

"I'm an engineer, and my concern about Sixth Mass Extinction guides my purchases. I own three of these units, and each unit was purchased “used” for roughly $20.

Boeing airplanes (777, 767, 737, etc.) are made with components far lighter and thinner than Way Basics compressed cardboard panels. And, some of these advanced materials are paper thin. For me, Way Basics compressed cardboard was a return to my days at Boeing: creative solutions for complex problems. Here, Way Basics has a creative solution for the waste stream and the environment. Awesome.

Unlike Boeing, Way Basics products have neither VOCs nor carcinogens. This is precisely the type of furniture I want in my home. Indoor air quality is often significantly worse than outdoor air quality. After reading hundreds of material data safety sheets for different flooring/paints/furniture, Way Basics has thoughtfully designed a less toxic furniture option. You can breathe easily knowing this product will not outgas toxic chemicals.

The adhesive, also used at Boeing, looks like a pressure sensitive adhesive. Applying pressure to these strips, literally, activates the adhesive properties of the strip. After assembly, I'd put 50 pounds of books on top of the assembly for 24 hours (see photo). Because I don't know the adhesive specifications, I recommend gentleness when moving this unit. Elevated humidity and heat could weaken the adhesive bond. Keep these things in mind as you move the unit. Finally, the design is engineered for one orientation. If you rotate this unit 90 degrees, it will fail (100% guarantee) as several of the negative reviews can attest.

This unit serves as a cat napping area. Despite razor sharp cat claws and hundreds of cat naps over the past 6 months, I see no damage on the surface of this unit. If it can withstand sharp cat claws, I have high hopes for the surface's long-term survival. However, the panels are easily damaged with compression and impact force. One used unit I ordered arrived with several bumps and bruises but no scratches.

I'm delighted with the unit I own, and I'm purchasing two more to stack for a bookcase. No new trees were felled for my bookcases. No animals lost their homes. I hope some of my recycled cardboard was included in the manufacture of these products.

Don't be afraid. Apply pressure. Be gentle. Compost."

EDIT: The adhesive looses stickiness when humidity drops below 40% and temperatures are below 65F. This winter a few adhesive strips have failed. The units still hold books and our weight, but I wouldn’t dare move them. I may use a thin foam tape in the future to replace the thin strips sensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Another reviewer inspired me to use these as window seats. They work splendidly. Now, we sit and eat while sitting on these benches and play ping pong where the dining table once was. We enjoy the dining room so much more now.

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