Why You Need Open Back Shelving Units In Your Life

February 04, 2020

Our open back units are some of the most stylish and versatile pieces we’ve ever created and some of our customers’ favorites as well.

And it’s no wonder! 

They have so many uses to them and fit in so many decors and scenarios that it’s hard not to love them and perhaps even become slightly obsessed.

But here is why we’ve decided to create furniture units with open backs and why our customers love them as well:

  • They don’t hide your beautiful wall design

  • If your wall has a beautiful design or is painted in a gorgeous color, the last thing you want to do is hide it. With an open back unit, you don’t have to sacrifice your wall design for the convenience of having furniture. In fact, an open back bookcase or shelving unit will only enhance and accentuate your beautiful wall, especially if it’s in a contrasting color. 

  • They offer easy access, especially with cords and wires

  • If you don’t have the unit set up against a wall, you can access the objects on it from both sides. But even if you do have it up against the wall, it will make cable management so much easier! You can easily connect your electronic devices without having to drill holes for your cables and wires. 

  • They can be used as an aesthetically pleasing room divider

  • If you want to create an office in the living room or you need your space to be separated for any reason really, open back shelving units work beautifully as room dividers. They are not only nice to look at, but they allow you to maximize the potential of your space while keeping the open-space feel. And the beauty is you can rearrange them anytime you change your mind, which largely increases your interior design options.

  • They give the illusion that your room is wider

  • Open back shelving will make your space look more open and give the illusion that the room is wider. Not having a back to your furniture will give a more airy and cozy vibe to your space, as opposed to ‘backed’ furniture that has the tendency to close things off. 

  • They are great for displaying decorative pieces

  • Open back bookshelves are great for displaying your favorite items, pictures and decorative pieces. You can play with the color or design of your wall and choose pieces in a contrasting or matching color, or have your most cherished items proudly showcased. If an object brings you so much joy, why hide it away in a cabinet? Have it out in plain sight where you can look at it frequently and make your day happier!

    And now that you’re convinced you need an open back shelf unit in your life, let’s take a look at the most beautiful ones in our collection, so you can decide which one best suits your style and needs. 

    Here are the open back units that we are currently proud to call our own:

    1- The Cozy Bench - available in white

    The Cozy is a 3-cubby stackable storage bench that is perfect in any space. It is partly open back, with a full-back middle cube. It looks really cute in a foyer or coat room to store shoes, doubling up as a bench, or stacked up in any of the other rooms to display books and decorative items, or even in your dressing room to store clothes and display handbags. And although we do have a shelving unit designed specifically as a TV stand, the cozy bench also works great as an open back TV stand.

    2- The Chelsea - available in espresso , grey , and white

    We wanted Chelsea to give the best of all worlds, so we created it with two standard sized-cubes with closed backs and two wider compartments with open backs. That’s what makes it so versatile and perfect for any of your needs. Whether you decide to use it as a wall-mounted bookcase or a free-standing unit, Chelsea will stand out from the crowd and display your objects with grace and style.

    3- The Collins - available in white 

    If you can’t decide between open back and closed back furniture, the Collins might be the perfect choice for you. The Collins marries the open and closed back worlds perfectly, with an even split between closed backs in the lower half of the compartments, and open backs in the upper half. It also features three compartments, two cubes and a rectangular one on top, making it perfect for any of your styling needs.

    4- The Quad cubby - available in white

    The Quad is the perfect combination between open and closed back cubbies, with two open back cubes and two closed back cubes set diagonally from each other. It allows you to display your wall design but also benefit from a white backing that can serve as a contrasting background for your decorations. Use it on its own or stack multiple units to create the design that you want!

    5- The TV Stand - available in black , espresso , and white

    The 4-cubby TV stand is mostly closed back, but features open slots on every shelf for your power cords and cables. This allows easy access to your DVD players, games consoles and DVDs without any pesky cables in sight. In black, espresso or white, it will look good in any decor and match your color theme.

    And like with any other Way Basics creations, all of our open back units are completely eco-friendly and non-toxic, made from easy to assemble Zboards.

    Which one is your favorite from our open back units? Let us know in the comments below, we’re curious! :)

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