Back to School Organization

August 09, 2012

Prepping for back to school can be a nightmare and all organization seems to fly right out the window! Below are some tips and tricks to stay on top of the mess utilizing our very own organizational products! 

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1) Homework station: If you have more than one kid, you know how tough it is to keep the homework/ school notes/ books in order. Our suggestion, use our multi-colored storage cubes! Have each kid choose their favorite colored cube and deem it "theirs!" They can decorate it, sticker it, draw on it, and best of all, you can drill in them that their work goes in their colored cube!

2) Growth spurt nightmare: How do those kiddos get so big so fast? I am sure there are loads of clothes in your kid's closets that could be donated, handed down, etc and before school starts is the perfect time to do it! Maximize closet space with our storage cubes and shelving units.

3) Backpack Drop Zone: The hardest thing to get a handle on (besides endless homework papers) is the backpacks, sports bags, cheer leading bags etc, that seem to spring up everywhere. Who knew one child could need so many different bags? Make one central location for all bags/backpacks so there is no thought needed as those kiddos race in the door. To make this zone less cluttered (and hazard free) get the bags off the ground and into storage shelving units.

The main idea behind these tips and tricks is that it is important to make things as clear and easy as possible now before the craziness starts. Give it three weeks and you won't have time to reorganize so grasps these last few days of summer (get the kiddos involved with picking colors/storage units) and get organized! To help you with this we have created a 20% off coupon code for your back to school use! (WBB2S20, expires 9/30).

Happy Organizing and remember we are always here to lend a helping organizational hand!

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