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August 20, 2012

Making the most of your living space in the home or office is something we all have in common. 

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Big or small, finding the most efficient way to organize your belongings can be tricky. In today's market, there is a wide variety of storage organizers, most of which are made to be disposable and not last beyond a few years. With this new age of build it yourself, disposable furniture it is more important than ever to seek out green solutions.

We at Lydony pride ourselves on seeking out the greenist products we can find and incorporate into our lifestyle. Based in New York and Los Angeles, we know first hand from our years of city living how important it is to optimize our space. In each city, along with many others like it, space is a commodity.

In New York, creative floor plans and the city's ever growing population continue to push people to use innovative ways to make the most of their space. Living in New York is an experience and for many, moving into a NYC apartment for the first time can be shocking. In some situations a closet, or lack there of can make all the difference to potential renters. However this is a situation that can lead to very creative organizational ideas.

From this, New Yorkers make tough decisions every day over which possessions to keep and which to rid of. With just under 25,000 restaurants in NYC to pick from, many keep their kitchens to the bare essentials, even using silverware drawers as menu drawers. No washer/dryer in your building? Drop off service can be found at the nearest corner. Everything you could possibly need is a 2-3 minute walk away and if not multiple forms of public transportation or taxis are just a hand in the air away.

Over the years, we have picked up a few storage tricks. With only one closet for two in an apartment, wardrobes, dressers and a handful of shelves are a must. For those of you like us who love to cook, you know very well that sometimes kitchen must haves take on an entirely different meaning and require counter space - also a rarity in a New Yorker's world. Rather than use our dishwasher for washing dishes, we opt to hand wash and use our dishwasher for storage of pots, pans, glasses, and cooking equipment. A controversial idea to many of our friends who would love to have a dishwasher and frown upon our use of it as storage, but this clever idea more than meets our need and helps us make the most of our space.

Since the majority of apartments are small, if you have a messy area it is extremely noticeable. Organization is key to keeping the apartment looking clean and also for sanity. One space repeatedly misused and overlooked is the entertainment area. The place where many people spend the most time is often the most cluttered, but doesn't have to be. With remotes, accessories, decorations, and tangled cords, storage cubes are a phenomenal way to make the most of the space surrounding your entertainment set up and store all that come with it. Purchasing a large, bulky, multi-level organizer not only takes up more precious space than needed, but also increases the amount of needless items you keep. One or even two Quad Cubes can keep your TV and entertainment center clean, sleek, and double your space by providing cubby squares below and a TV stand above.

Living in a major city is very fun and exciting with all that is going on, however it can prove to be a challenge in our tight quarters. Being smart about organizing your belongings is the key to making sure your time at home is just as great as your time out in the city.

Written by Lydia of Lydony


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