First Annual Half Way Sale

January 01, 2009

A Great New Year!

New Years Sale

It’s now the New Year of 2009, and Way Basics wants to start things off with our New Year sale! Where to put all those gifts from the holidays? Find the storage that fits all your needs in one place. With different sizes, colors, and accessories, there’s bound to be something that works for you. To help you out, everything is 50% off, so buying is that much easier. (only email exclusive members are receiving this email, but spread the awesome deal to your friends and family)
We are also proud to announce that for 2008, Way Basics went zero via the Conservation Fund’s “Go Zero Program.” This means that we offset our company carbon emissions by planting trees at the Red River National Wildlife Refuge! To learn more visit
The team is super excited as we enter a new year to continue building possibilities with the environment and our community. The possibilities are endless!

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