Kitchen Makeover!

February 16, 2013

We saw this amazing shelf makeover DIY on Design Sponge and we thought it would be the perfect way to introduce our NEW floating shelves (and all the amazing things you can do with them!

Way Basics zBoard floating shelves

NEW Espresso zBoard floating shelves

Don't have enough room in your kitchen for full shelves but want more organizational space?

Way Basic's new floating shelves are the perfect way to give you that extra space without all the hassle. If you want to mix it up and decorate them DIY style, follow the tutorial below (tutorial from here).

Shelf Makeover

here’s what you’ll need:
-Way Basics zBoard floating shelves (any size!)
-woven grass cloth (you can also use paper, fabric, vinyl, etc.)
-tape measure
-staple gun
-polycrylic clear sealant
-wood stain in color of your choosing
-paint brush
-rubber gloves
-spray paint/primer

Shelf Complete! (Image source:

1. prime or spray paint shelves
2. lay shelf on top of a piece of grass cloth. wrap cloth around shelf until it overlaps 1/2″ and trim to size. staple cloth to back edge of shelf.
3. wrap short ends like a present and staple, tucking in all raw edges.
4. mix 3 parts polycrylic to 1 part stain and brush over cloth covered shelf. wearing your gloves, rub stain into cloth fibers with your hands.
5. let dry and finish with a coat of clear polycrylic.
6. hang shelves (tip: you can camouflage the hanging hardware and screws with acrylic paint.)

Thanks for the amazing inspiration Design Sponge!

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