Let's Spring Clean Together!

March 01, 2014

Spring Cleaning can be a real downer. But it doesn't have to be! Get the whole family/apartment/roommates involved and make it into a little party. Throw on some tunes and make plans that evening so you have something to look forward to! General Spring Cleaning tips also help things go smoothly so follow these for the easiest clean of your life:

  1. Change the feel by adding some new blankets, textiles or pillows. Maybe swap with a friend so you each get a "new" place for no cost!
  2. Move from room to room so you feel like you are accomplishing something. Start small with mini goals and the time will fly by!
  3. Take a picture before and after so you can truly see the difference! Also something to keep the room in check in the future!
  4. Going all out and washing windows? Make sure you pick a cloudy day so they don't dry before you get to wipe them down.
  5. Clean under furniture! That's right, move it around. This will also allow you to try out some new locations for that beloved chair.
  6. Start from the top down. Dust the tops of cabinets and light fixtures and finish with the floor. That way you don't have to clean your floor twice!
  7. Our favorite: Make sure to equip yourself with a "Donate" and "Trash" bag in every room. This will inspire you to de-clutter!
  8. Feel like you don't have enough storage space? Check out our bookshelves and cubes for endless solutions!

Spring cleaning can seem daunting but remember, you only do it once a year and you will feel so GREAT after!

Ps. Still feeling stressed? Read our tips about how to bring Zen to your Spring Clean HERE!

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