Orange Vapur Winner: Marysa Nicholson

September 27, 2010

Marysa is the first winner of many to come! This time we gave away an Orange Vapur Water Bottle, and we will soon be giving away other products on the Way Basics blog. It's our way of giving back to the Way Basics community!

Let's get to know a little bit about Marysa:

Your name and where you're from - Marysa, New York (Capital Region)

How did you hear about Way Basics? I think I stumbled upon Way Basics from a "green" website. I am always looking up information on environmentally friendly lifestyles, and Way Basics is fantastic. I have a Master's Degree in Resource Management and Way Basics is a great site to browse some cool modern items, and I like how it has everything from kids items to sophisticated home decor. I'm thrilled I won the Vapur and I am definitely going to have to buy a Thinksport stainless bottle!

What you like to do in your spare time - spend time with the kids (including getting outdoors as much as possible with them), hiking, traveling, reading, cooking

An interesting factoid about yourself - I spent a summer and a semester in Arizona at the Biosphere2, it was absolutely amazing.

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