zBoard Shelving Great for Tradeshows and Displays

September 27, 2010

zBoard shelving is such a cinch to put together, we're always the quickest ones to setup at our trade show and first one done at the end. Since zBoards weight 62% less than particle board, it's much more economical to ship this type of display across country for shows than crating your booth. At the end of the show, we often donate our products to a local school or charity, otherwise, simply recycle in the paper bin. Save time, save money, and save carbon emissions since you don't need to transport it back home.

Here are a few examples how our customers have used zBoard storage in their booth. Stack them up, mix up the colored board, instantly create your custom display. We've integrated LED push lights inside them for a cool lighting effect. Let us know what you would do!

DSC_0251  Innobaby Booth
DSC_0250 Way Basics at Sundance Festival