Taking 'modular' to the next level: Module R

January 01, 2012

Here at Way Basics, we encourage individualization and customization through our modular zBoards, allowing our customers to not only select, but design their own furniture to satisfy both organizational needs, and creative ones. With that said, we'd like to introduce one of our awesome retailers! Module R is a fantastic gallery that takes the idea of the "Age of Personalization" and brings it into design and art, blurring the line between items that are mass-produced facsimiles and unique, personalized artifacts. Check out their website to learn more about Donald Rattner, their founder, and their fresh and much-needed role as a "central marketplace where customizable and transformable design (and art) from around the globe could be presented as a coherent body of work." Be sure to stop by and check them out if you're ever in the Brooklyn area!