Tuesday Tip: Kid's Room Organization

August 28, 2012

We asked, "The room in my house that needs organization most is __________?" and Maureen Liz answered, "My 8 year old daughters room - can we say TOY STORE LOL." We loved her comment so much we decided to grant her wish and compile some tips about organizing a kid's room. Enjoy and thanks Maureen for a great answer!

1) Organize, sort and store - Kid's rooms are often lacking in space so make sure that their room isn't crammed (not that we want their stuff overflowing into other rooms). A great example is winter/ summer clothing. Make sure to sort and separate the clothes and store the opposite season way up high in a shelving unit or in another room (garage/ basement?).

2) Get them involved!- Kid's are definitely more likely to try and keep the room tidy when they are the ones that have to help with the organization. As soon as they are old enough, make sure they are apart of the organizing action (even with little ones, get them to sort through their favorite books or dolls).

3) Get down to their level- Obvious one but make sure they can reach their most used items and need help with the less used items. You could even put the toys with lots of pieces on a higher shelf so they have to ask permission to play with it (and you can remind them that they must put it away when they are finished!). Use clear plastic boxes where possible to organize clothes, socks, etc so they can see what they are grabbing for!

4) Keep your Children SAFE- One of the key things with kids' rooms is that furniture made out of particle board is full of formaldehyde! This is very dangerous for kids (and anyone) to breathe in. Make sure to use our products for organization solutions whenever possible as they are non-toxic and lighter than particle board. No squished fingers here!

Hope these ideas were a bit of help! What other tips do you have?


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