Why Way Basics Shelving Is Ideal for Trade Show Displays

July 15, 2019

Way Basics products are extremely versatile and can be used for different purposes. But we don't want to be the ones to give them their purpose, which is one of the main reasons why we don't like to label them and assign specific uses for them. We want to give our customers the freedom to come up with all kinds of fun uses and get creative with our products.

That being said, we do know for a fact that Way Basics shelving and cubes are ideal for store and trade show displays, since so many of our clients have successfully used them to design their trade show display stands. But what exactly makes them so fitting for exhibition booths? Here is a roundup of our favorite reasons:

  1. They are light and economical

You can say goodbye to melamine and other wood-engineered boards when it comes to trade show furniture. The  zBoards we use for our products are 62% lighter than particle board, but just as sturdy and strong, which makes them ideal for exhibition display stands, as they are much more economical to ship across the country.

  1. They are easy to put together

There is no need for tools when it comes to our furniture. You just need to peel the adhesive strip, stick the zBoards together, and you're done. You'll definitely be the quickest to get all set up at the trade show exhibit, which can be priceless. It will give you time to fine-tune your booth design and, why not, make a friend by giving a hand to your trade show neighbor who wasn't as lucky to have stumbled upon Way Basics.

  1. They are eco-friendly

Way Basics products are non-toxic, made from 99% post consumer recycled paper, and are 100% recyclable, which makes them a dream for trade show displays. At the end of the show, you can simply recycle your display or donate it to a local school or charity. This will save you time and shipping charges, and it will save our planet from excess carbon emissions.

  1. They make for diverse booth displays

You can mix and match our products to create unique trade show booth displays every time. You can stack them up, mix up the colors, play with the shapes, and even integrate LED lights to create your own individual booth design. Way Basics is, well, basic, so whether we're talking about cubes and rectangles in different sizes, or open-style bookcases, our products are very easy to combine and create simple but stylish designs.

If you need a few trade show display ideas, check out our Pinterest board and see how our customers combined our furniture to create diverse trade show product displays that fit in with their styles and products. For instance, Preserve used our white pieces to highlight their colorful products that are made from plastic that is better for the environment, while our retailers at Re4m went all in on the color in their store display. You can keep it as high or as low as you need, as sleek and simple or as intricate as you prefer.

Whether you're opening a new store or want to showcase your beautiful products at an exhibit, Way Basics has got you covered! We're always eager to see how our customers style our products, so make sure to send us your photos or tag us on Instagram.

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