Cat Litter Box Duplex

January 16, 2020

There is a new member in our cat litter box furniture family: The Cat Litter Box Duplex.

Why did we add this new piece to our collection?

Well, you've been asking for a more compact litter box enclosure and a place to organize all your cat’s stuff for a long time now and we've finally come up with just the optimal functional solution. 

Here is what we love about it and why we think you'll love it too:

1- It takes up very little floor space

We've created this litter duplex so it goes anywhere in your home, even in the smallest of spaces. At just around 25 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 27 inches high, the cat litter box duplex is the perfect size for a side table, but you can place it anywhere else in your living room, office, bedroom or any other room where you've got that amount of floor space available.

2- It doubles as nice furniture for your house

No one will ever have to know that's where your cat's litter tray is. The cat litter box duplex is a stylish way to camouflage your cat's unsightly litter box and it can blend seamlessly with the rest of your furniture if you pick the right color. In fact, it doesn't even have to be the exact same color as long as it matches the style of your other furnishings.

3- It tracks all unwanted litter

The entrance/exit is lined with a scratch pad to track all unwanted litter. Every time your cat will go in and out of the box, it will have to jump on the scratch pad, which will act as a litter catcher, keeping your floors much cleaner. So not only does it look nice in your room, but it also helps to keep your house cleaner and who doesn't want that? Especially with a cat around!

4- It can serve as extra storage

If you prefer to have extra storage, you can choose to keep the cat scratcher out and you'll have a shelf to store all your cat's stuff. Or, you can have the best of both worlds: keep the cat scratcher and just find a long narrow box to put your cat's stuff in and place that on the scratch pad, leaving enough room to the side so that your kitty can squeeze in.

5- It has a front door for easy cleaning

The cat litter box duplex couldn't be easier to clean. Just open the front door, take the litter tray out and wipe everything with a cloth.

6- It has openings for proper ventilation

There's nothing worse than moisture and bad odor trapped because of poor ventilation, but you don't have to worry about that with the cat litter box duplex. The opening in the back of the shelf, which serves as the entryway for your cat, as well as the small opening in the door let enough air to pass through so that everything stays as fresh as possible.

7- It's easy to assemble

We wanted to make our furniture extremely easy to assemble, with no tools required. All you have to do is peel the 3M industrial adhesive strips, stick zBoards together, and you're done!

8- It's eco-friendly and safe

Made from strong recycled paperboards patented zBoards with a paper veneer finish, the cat litter box duplex is eco-friendly and free from formaldehyde and VOCs, making it safe for both you and your cat.

9- It comes in three colors

The cat litter box duplex comes in three colors that look great with any home style: white, black and espresso. Even if your furniture is in a different color, these are so versatile that you can't go wrong. White and black go with everything, and espresso is lovely with furniture of a similar color or lighter

10- It offers your cat privacy

The fact that cats love boxes is no secret. There's just something about the hidden and enclosed nature of them that they go crazy about. And when it comes to going to the bathroom, we all want our privacy, and our cats deserve that too. So make your kitties happy and gift them the box of their dreams!

We hope you and your small furry ones will love it as much as we do!

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