Improve Your Air Quality!

February 07, 2013

130206_Improving Air Quality

Let's make this short and sweet. For ways to get rid of those nasty toxins and breathe in clean air, follow some of the tips below! 

1. Suck, Wipe and Prevent! - In general terms: vacuum it up, Mop what is left, and put a mat by all entrances so people don't track in allergen-causing dirt!

2. Open windows! (Enough said)

3. Bring plants indoors! It is amazing what these little suckers can do for air quality.

4. Ditch the air fresheners - Air fresheners usually contain petroleum products which are no good for the lungs (or any other part of your body).

5. Kill the mildew - Keep your home at a good level of humidity. Science terms are between 30-50% but some good pointers are: open a window after/ during showering, use air conditioners in the summer and humidifiers during the winter.

6. NO smoking indoors

7. Animals - love the little furry guys but be sure to clean up their fur on a regular basis.

8. Test your home for radon - new or old, your home could contain radon which is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause lung cancer. Check out this website for how to test:

9. Cut down on the fertilizer in your garden. Try compost instead! Much better smelling and better to inhale!

10. Smile. Not really an air quality improver but it does improve the mood of a home!

Any tips to add to the bunch?

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